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 Transition support program for emerging neurodiverse adults.

Professional social service that supports young adults with developmental disabilities attending college, seeking competitive employment, volunteer opportunities, and making meaningful relationships

Each student is assigned a coach.

Dynamic support system collectively provides a multitude of services.

Tailored and self-paced to your goals and interests.

Why Choose Us?

Your One-Stop Solution to Skill Development

What distinguishes Highpoint from other programs is its standing commitment to exclusively neurodiverse young adults. The Highpoint clinical team has a combined experience of over 40 years. Our competent team provides all services in-house. The Highpoint clinical team is passionate about assisting young adults seeking a successful transition from high school into higher education, community, employment, and voluntarism.

Transition support is all we do and have done. The Highpoint team has been actively engaged in understanding the challenges of the transition process. The Highpoint program was developed out of a comprehensive understanding of the strengths and weaknesses of the IEP process and its impact on a successful transition.

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Transition support you need, a team you can trust.
Your all-in-one Transition Service

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Employment Support

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young adults socializing


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Employment Readiness

Vocational training and assistance with job placement. They help neurodiverse adults identify their strengths and interests, explore career options, develop job search strategies, and acquire relevant workplace skills. 


Safe and supportive environment for neurodiverse adults to practice social interactions, develop friendships, and build a sense of belonging within their communities. This can lead to increased confidence and improved overall social well-being.

Living Skills 

Offer training in areas such as personal finance, meal planning and preparation, housekeeping, transportation, and personal care. These skills empower neurodiverse adults to live more autonomously.


Through self-advocacy training, emerging neurodiverse adults learn how to express their needs, seek accommodations, and advocate for themselves effectively in various settings, including educational institutions, workplaces, and healthcare settings.

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What You Can Expect

40 Years of expertise and experience.

Specialization for young & emerging neurodiverse adults only.

Past decade of working with hundreds of successful individuals who have gone on to meaningful employment, graduation, and transfer to 4-year college

Multidisciplinary team of doctorial level staff.

Passion for higher education and serving families looking for professional service.

Find What You Need

Highpoint has helped my daughter not just become successful in school but has made her excited again to dream bigger and aim for bigger goals.
The Highpoint team is passionate and all in when it comes to young adults. We have seen so much change in our son it is emotional seeing him connect with others who share in his interests.
What I love most about Highpoint is connecting with others outside my family. My coach is super supportive and I feel like I matter.
Our Frequently Asked Questions
  • What is Highpoint?
    Highpoint was developed to meet the needs of students with developmental disabilities who are transitioning into adulthood. This transitional support service has been specifically tailored for today’s emerging adults. Highpoint was created by a combination of experts in the field of developmental disabilities, including a Clinical Psychologist, Educational Psychologist as well as a Behavioral specialist who collectively have a combined 40 years of experience specializing in higher education, socialization and vocational exploration. Highpoint is an interactive and comprehensive support program specifically designed to assist adults within the neurodiverse community. Highpoint’s goal is to come along side its participants to help individuals discover goals and support them in the process of achieving their goals. Highpoint guides the development of skills that are needed to discover your passion after high school.
  • Why was Highpoint developed?
    Highpoint was developed out of the adaptive response to an increasingly digital integration of employment, higher education, and social connectedness. Success today is defined by the management of digital resources, utilization and leverage to stay competitive in a fast-paced interconnected society. The development of functional skill based digital competence is our goal. Young adults are tasked with managing their lives in a digital space. Increasingly employment, higher education, and social success are dependent on the skills and accessibility of online resources and support. As what is “online” and “real world” is increasingly blended, Highpoint does not take an either-or approach rather, we view successful transition requiring being able to blend skills in both digital and real-world environments. Highpoint integrates the essentials of successful transition in a format that is accessible and convenient to help young adults stay competitive, have a broader reach, and prepare them for their local community. Highpoint's mission is to have greater impact, greater connection, and ultimately greater success with those we serve in both digital and real-world applications.
  • Does Highpoint accept participants who are in the Self-Determination Program?
    (Participant-directed, Self-directed Consumers) Yes, Highpoint accepts individuals in the Self-Determination Program and is a perfect core service addition to any spending plan.
  • Who is Highpoint for?
    Highpoint is for emerging neurodiverse young adults seeking support after high school with purpose and planning. Those interested in Highpoint’s college and employment services usually hold a high school diploma. Highpoint participants are either enrolled or seeking enrollment in any post-secondary educational setting such as trade school, community college, four-year university, or certificate program. The Highpoint team can assist in the enrollment process.
  • How does Highpoint work?
    Highpoint begins with a personalized orientation and assessment to target and identify each members unique strengths and areas of growth and opportunity. From this initial orientation each member will, with the participation of their assigned HPC (Highpoint Coach), develop a personalized transition plan. The plan is based on known skills that predict success including self-determination skills, adaptive functioning, and executive functioning. Personalized goals include social and relational goals, along with discovering future employment opportunities that match interests and learning styles. Each member will map out their destination, and we will be there to guide that chosen journey. Following the orientation, each student is assigned a mentor/coach who is experienced in educational support, employment, and socialization to build the tools necessary for success. At Highpoint, we believe success is not an accident-- it is a focused repeatable process each member is guided personally to plan and discover. It is a support system with the goal of developing greater degrees of independence.
  • Who is the Highpoint clinical team?
    Highpoint has an interdisciplinary team that consists of counselors, educational psychologist/neuropsychologist, clinical psychologist, and behavioral and instructional specialist. This unique blend of academic and professional experience allows Highpoint to create opportunities for optimal success emerging into adulthood. Success is not just a grade, or getting a job, it is also relationships, social-emotional management, and a healthy mindset that leads to our best version of ourselves. The clinical team includes the following experience: In-home behavioral support (regional center) Remote behavioral support (college) Educational assessment (IEE) Non-public school, 18 years (developmental disabilities) 20 years clinical faculty, psychobiology, and neuropsychological assessment Extensive IEP experience Collegiate mental health services Actively engaged in conference presentations Advanced degrees in education, psychology, and counseling Licensure, Clinical psychologist/ Educational psychologist 10 years college support services for developmental disabilities.
  • Can I use my own staff trained by Highpoint?
    No, all Highpoint services are provided by Highpoint staff. Highpoint staff are uniquely trained and are part of a dynamic support team uniquely trained in our approach.
  • Is Highpoint a behavioral program?
    No, participants in Highpoint are expected to independently follow the campus’s code of conduct.
  • Can Highpoint help with the college enrollment process?
    Yes! Highpoint will guide the process in enrolling in your chosen school.
  • How do I get Highpoint services?
    Getting started is simple! Contact our admissions team to join our community and see how Highpoint can support your passion!
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