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About Us

About us

What is Highpoint?

High school does not prepare students with developmental disabilities to be independent. Often, everything is done for them, not allowing them to build skills for adult life. Parents primary concern is "who will look after my child when I am gone or not able to". We want to prepare young adults to be successful and find meaningful work and education. These individuals are often isolated, lack social support, and rely heavily on family alone. Most programs fall under the "cheerleader" mentality, lacking evidence or a theoretical base to support these individuals. Highpoint believes success is a repeatable process that is achieved through decades of experience and a theoretical foundation. We are solving the problems of lack of connection, lack of direction, and lack of mentorship once high school is over.

Students Taking Exam

Why Highpoint?

Why Highpoint

Interactive service call

Weekly Group Service Calls. Connect with others and share in success stories, struggles, and strategies. 

Access to a Growing Digital Library of resources that are accessible on any mobile device. 

Monthly mentors call with unique speakers to give support, share in learning and inspire others in the community.

Services are Tailored and Self-paced to each individual member.

Full Support from our clinical team, including educational and clinical psychologist and curriculum specialist.

(Optional) Parent Summary of progress and updates will be made available on term reviews. 

Highpoint Monthly Newsletter highlighting success stories, accomplishments and important updates. 

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